A hodge podge of November goings-on


Prepare yourself for the most disjointed blog post in the world.

I’ve spent this past month in a series of long ass car rides, shitty flights and brief week-long spurts in my new apartment. I’ve been so back and forth since I moved in, it still kinda feels like I’m just on vacation. Now that I’m back from a quick little trip to Kansas, for some time well spent with my family for Gobble Day, I’m happy to announce that I have absolutely no idea when I will be hopping on a flight to head back to good ole Iowa. Woo!


When I arrived at LAX this last time, I was feeling a little reluctant to leave again. We had made some new friends, figured out our way around NoHo and just the week before, I made the drive with Kelly back to LA. Yes, I said drive…again…you read that right. I voluntarily participated in a 27 hour car ride not once, ladies and gents, but twice. Two doses of me sardining myself in the back seat of a car- double the fun!!! Unlike last time though, we didn’t drive straight through. In fact, we left Sunday and didn’t get back to LA on Wednesday- that, no doubt, made the trip a little more enjoyable. We pit-stopped in Nebraska, Colorado, Utah and Vegas before we finally arrived at the homestead.

The Road to Cali 2.0

Last time I made the drive, we were 100% Siri reliant. Where is coffee? Where is the nearest gas station? Is there a bathroom in the next mile, because I am literally two seconds away from peeing in this water bottle…? Without fail, Siri was my girl. This time though, we literally used an atlas and asked locals where the best spots to stop were. Old school, yet refreshing, we ended up in hole in the wall diners, National Parks, and lastly the Omnia in Vegas….that one wasn’t because of the atlas.

Kelly and I scored comp drink tickets and free entry (somehow). So here we are, rolling into our one-night hotel room in the stratosphere at 5 am wearing the opposite of the dress code (literally t-shirts (I had my squirrel shirt on inside out…..) and holy jeans. How we got in, I have noooo idea. Two hours later, we were on the road. Hungover, yes, but so so thankful for our time spent in all of the states along the way. Especially beautiful Utah. Wow, I don’t even have words for Bryce Canyon National Park. That place was maybe only topped by Casa Bonita in Colorado (it’s like Rainforest cafe but better, and that’s saying a lot coming from me). Fake cliff divers and margaritas?? Come on.

The Job


Mid drive, I got a call that I got the job at LF in Studio City (#employed!!!). I started basically the second we got back to LA and I love it. I’ve met so many cool people already, coworkers and clients alike. Not to mention, the location is prime. I swear I find like 5 things a day (ranging from workout classes to restaurants) to put on my LA bucket list (that I have yet to actually write down). The challenge will be holding off on spending my entire paycheck on the merch. Praying to the money management gods that I can keep up my cheapskate streak.

The Holiday 

Only 4 days into the job,  I had to leave for Thanksgiving and like I said (before I went off on an extreme tangent about the drive) I was feeling a little bit reluctant to leave my new home. I was just getting settled in when I peaced out for a long weekend. When I arrived in Kansas City Wednesday night, I sat down for a margarita with my aunt and ended up being pretty thankful that I was able to spend Thanksgiving with the people that I love (even though my roommates constant snaps were leaving me with major FOMO). I don’t see my family in Kansas too often, so to be able to take the time to just sit down and catch up on life was incredible. And, as always, it was great to spend time with my parental units too.

My dad grew up in Kansas so it was fun for him to take me to the first bar he got kicked out of, show me where he frequently dined and dashed, and even meet a classmate that knows a completely different Larry Reimer than I do. I also scooped up some prime blackmail information, so I’m all smiles on my end. My mom, my dad and aunt Sharon had spent the last three days eating everything in sight, drinking endless amounts of alcohol and making up for lost time with relatives. Now it was time to head back to the airport and send me on my way.

And now here I am. Back in LA  for keeps- feeling recharged, grateful and a little bit in disbelief that it’s basically December. Here’s to holiday music and becoming an official resident in this crazy place.


The End

I drank on a plane


“I hopped ON a plane at LAX, and flew Spirit because I’m broooke.” – Miley Cyrus…or something like that

Yesterday I jumped on a plane back to Iowa. No, it’s not because I decided that LA wasn’t for me after my first week there. In fact, in that regard, I’m feeling quite the opposite. Completely obsessed with our apartment, surrounding area and all of the opportunities at our fingertips. I also enjoy the drivers because they drive like I do. If you’ve ever ridden in a car with me, that should scare you.

Moving on. I came back to help out with a dance workshop being held in Iowa City. It’s been on the calendar since before we knew the lease start date. In coming back after a week, I’ve completely and utterly confused my poochies.  From the looks of it, they were just starting to get used to me being gone and I practically blew their pea brains when I walked in the door yelling embarrassing things in octaves so high only dogs can here them. SURPRISE PUPPAROOS, here I am begging for mass amounts of attention and refusing to let you lay anywhere else but next to me.

Oh yeah, and guess what the best part of this one full day in Iowa extravaganza is? I’m making the drive to California again. 26 hours. It’s laughable really. But this time I’ve got some different company. I’m riding along with my literal roommate (like as in we are sharing one room #TwinBedLyfe) Kelly and her newly retired dad…shoutout John! She said she’s planning on strapping me to the top of the car to make room for her stuff so I’ll keep you posted about how that goes and all the different kinds of bugs that hit me in the face!!!


I’m digressing. Back to the flight. So like I said, I flew Spirit. This is not my first rodeo with the underdog airline. Actually, I’ve racked up quite a few flyer miles with them, embarrassingly enough. For those of you wondering how the heck I’ve managed to bop around so much while on a budget, that’s how. Skyscanner.com people, I’m tellin’ ya. While I prefer to fly SouthWest, not a chance I’m going to pass up a $45 flight.

I had to uber to LAX around 7 am and wouldn’t ya know, my Uber driver got lost. Twice. You live in LA, Y U NO UNDERSTAND WHERE LAX IS. But, I’m proud to say I’ve turned over this cool new leaf called punctuality. ‘Reimer Time’ no longer exists (most of the time) so I had plenty of time to get lost and still make it to the airport with some time to spare. Even when security took 32894 years. Once at the gate, my flight took off about 35 minutes late because of a wild overhead compartment that decided it didn’t want to close.

So I’m sitting here like ‘Ok, how the heck can I turn this day around??’ I always prefer traveling solo, so that wasn’t the issue. It was the constant delays and mass amounts of people that were starting to get to me. Too early for any of that. And then I an epiphany.  I am two months in to my membership in the 21 club and have yet to purchase a drink on a plane. It was one of the only things left over from my Vegas birthday 21-to-do-list. Why not, right? There’s not a whole lot else Spirit can offer me in the next 3 hours.

I’m desperate here, so I stupidly pay $14 for a regular sized Bloody Mary instead of $8 for a baby one. That’s basically a bargain right? I figure the money I saved from not checking a bag and flying Spirit has to be spent somewhere.

Drink in hand…or rather on the tray table in front of me, one of the flight attendants asks me if I would like to move to a row by myself. HELL FREAKING YES I WOULD. I was previously tormented with the unfortunate placement next to a couple who was overly affectionate and HUGE fans of whispering in each others ears…I’m pretty sure Eduardo (that’s the flight attendants name) felt my pain.

Catch me on Instagram at @hollyreimer for more RIVETING stories like this one!!! Wow!!!

Alright, so now I’m posted up in my private row, watching a TV show, sipping on my extremely average and overpriced bloody and loving life. I had a few episodes of American Horror Story: Hotel downloaded from the cloud (I COULD NOT for the LIFE of me figure out how to access any of the other 5 movies I have in the cloud…probably need internet or something…or some sort of teleportation technological cloud removal device mechanism, who knows. Technology man).

Long story short, the rest of the flight went by much smoother. Thank god. It wasn’t anywhere near the quality of a Short’s bloody in Iowa City (UGH THAT BLUE CHEESE), but it warranted the final check on my 21 bucket list. Woo!

Now I have a day of dance ahead of me before I shove myself in the backseat of Kelly’s car for 26 hours!!! I’m excited to be here with my family and dogs, and even more excited to dance with some old pals, but I can’t wait to get back to my new home and finally have all of our roommates moved in.

I moved


WHAT IS CRACKIN. Since the last time you heard from me I finished college, bought a car, ditched the blonde hair and (finally) named North Hollywood, California my new home.


So here I sit, staring out my bedroom window at the palm trees in the courtyard, officially resurrecting my blog because what better time to do so than after completely uprooting, changing and rearranging my entire existence and life as I know it? Not intimidating at all.  The cool thing about this move is that I’ve known I wanted to do it since I was literally 10. But I never thought it would come this fast. Truth is, I still feel like I’m still about 10 but just trapped in a 21-year-old’s body forced to do random adult things that cost money and involve cooking meals. But before I dive in to the after, let’s talk about the before- aka the drive.


Yes, I said drive. On November 3, I packed up my life, shoved it into my KIA Sorrento, which I’ve affectionately named Snoop, and headed down the road on a 26-hour drive with good ole mom and pop. We each agreed to split the drive into 4 hour shifts and I was up first. I had already been driving most of the day from finishing up what Kelly (one of 3 future roommates) and I named the Tour de Frands. This was our effort to see as many people as we could (and spend as little money as possible) before we took off.

I imagine this to be what old people selfies look like.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m historically horrible with goodbyes. I’m also the worst at state-hopping and not keeping people in the loop about my whereabouts. So forcing myself to say “see ya later!” to my friends and family was uncomfortable and surreal at times, but it ended up leaving me feeling so ridiculously supported and loved. My family went to great lengths to make it so special. They went as far as renting out a little community center that was centrally located to close family friends and family. It was beautifully decorated and filled with my absolute favorite foods, drinks and people.


Although my tour of goodbyes through Iowa City, Plano, Milwaukee, Chicago, back to Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Oskaloosa and finally to my hometown to see my best friend, had left me sick of sayonaras and in dire need of some sleep (and wanting to see my dogs), I was finally ready to close this chapter of my life. On to the next exciting, unknown and much anticipated chapter…..and 26 hour drive. Let’s get back to that.

We took off from my great aunt’s house in KC at about 10:30…..at night. Originally, we had plans to pit stop near Denver for a good night’s sleep because what kind of physchopaths would voluntarily drive straight through? Apparently the Reimers. We ended up pushing through nearly the entire trip and for the most part, it wasn’t so bad. We minimized stops and packed a shit ton of food in a cooler so we didn’t have to stop any more than the necessary shift switch every four hours. Besides the snacks, I credit our staying awake to the heinously loud music, good conversation and mass amounts of coffee that were consumed through all hours of the night and early morning. It also helped that the scenery was consistent beautiful.

Look how cute Snoop’s shadow is.


We got as far as Fontana, California, before we deiced that this drive needed to end. And it needed to end now. By this point we were listening to a radio broadcast of Forensic Files on HLN and my dad was physically hitting his own face every 5 minutes to keep him from falling asleep (whatever works I guess?). I have never been so happy to step foot in a $35 hotel room at the Econolodge- Larry has a track record of picking the SHITTIEST hotels…I’m talkin’ like velvet wallpaper and bloodstains on the carpet bad so this felt like a palace. But then again, we were SO tired you could have stuck us in a sleeping bag in the middle of an alley and we probably would have been just fine with it.

7 hours of sleep later, it was time to move into my new place. What. Like I said, I literally came here with just my clothes and a few other essentials- I couldn’t fit a bed in my car, or much else besides a few suitcases and a guitar I still haven’t learned to play for that matter. That being said, I knew today and the next day were going to be absolute madness between furnishing my half of the room while trying to stay within the budget. By some miracle, my rent here is only $20 more than my rent in good ole’ Iowa City so I had that working in my favor. Luckily, after much searching and strategic shopping (I swear we spent like 4 weeks in IKEA and I think my parents and I almost killed each other  at least twice) we achieved master bargainer status and viola! I had myself (half of) a room that was slowly but surely starting to feel like home.

Still have yet to fill those stupid frames….it’s been over a year.

After all that work, it’s only fit to celebrate, right? My parents, my roommate Jordan and I found this place in Santa Monica called Barney’s Beanery that happens to be a Hawkeye bar. Great place for a few brews while watching the Hawks lose…miserably. And get this, I ran into someone I went to J-school with at Iowa within 30 seconds of walking in. It’s nuts how small the world is. Also pretty sweet that fellow Hawkeyes help make the move not so intimidating- all three of my roommates went to Iowa too.


What was supposed to be the last hurrah for my parents and all of their help moving me in (shout out Reiminator and Rondar, love ya like crazy) turned into them missing their flight the next morning. This is not a joke. Seriously can barely type this without cracking up. There’s this little Tex-Mex place across the street called El Tejano. Deadly. We started off with some good company, Margarita pong (bad idea), and my parents trying to absolutely annihilate the North Hollywood newcomers. They succeeded. Go there and be ok the next day, you can’t. And, like idiots, that’s what we all tried to do.

My dad lived in California 100 years ago and swore it would only take 30 minutes to get to LAX from my place. Wrong (listen to me next time, Dad). Pissed, stuck in traffic for another hour and gasping for breath between laughing fits we stopped for brunch at Chicken or the Egg (where we made friends with the entire waiting staff) and headed back to my apartment for one more day of much needed recuperation…only to head back to LAX the next day because I’m in the running for the ‘Best Daughter of the Year’ award.

The Reimers in all their awkward glory

All jokes aside though, I’m SO thankful beyond words for my parents and the foundation they have provided for me to be able to make the first steps to live out my dreams. Like I said, I’ve known since I was about 10 that I wanted to head here. But I really don’t think I ever truly believed I would do it. And I don’t think I- well actually I know that I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for those two and the sacrifices they’ve made for me.

ANYWAY. Now I get to call this crazy place home. The apartment of my dreams complete with a pool, gym and dance studio. What the. How on earth did we get so lucky?! We’ve got 2/4 roommates moved in, no living room furniture, and a gross amount of pride and sheer excitement for the next year in 362.


College Sports!

Holly makes a face mask



Alright people, I don’t know about you, but my skin has basically turned against me. I don’t know if its the season change or what…but it’s like the 13-year-old pre-pubescent me has taken over and has far overstayed her welcome. So, here I am, fed up and trolling around the depths of the internet trying to find some sort of quick fix. A quick fix that doesn’t cost me more that $20 because I’m moving and have allowed myself $70 total in spending money the next two weeks (wish me luck).

I found some stuff that included raw eggs but that sounds slimy and is quite frankly a little weird for me. Also, I’m not down to go do some witchcraft ish and mix together the hair of a wild boar and wing of a bat or something (ok I didn’t really find this remedy online, but when you’re living in a small town, some of these ingredients are just as hard to find).


I’m proud to announce that I found one that saved me from spending any dollars whatsoever. Please hold your applause. All it takes is

  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
  • a small bowl
  • a spoon


Step uno, squeeze out the honey (one tablespoon) into some sort of measuring device. I would suggest doing this either over the sink or the little bowl you’re about to mix it in because, quite honestly, honey is a little bit of a bitch to clean up.

At this point in my complaints about honey, and all of it’s messy glory, you may be wondering why it’s worth using in the first place. Honey actually is a great agent in warding off bacteria. While high dollar Manuka honey is best for its medicinal purposes, I’m working with what I got and so can you. Honey also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, so it’s perfect to use mid-breakout when your skin absolutely hates you.


Next, take the two teaspoons of cinnamon and toss it in there. The purpose of the cinnamon is also to fight bacteria, it’s anti-microbial so it can put up against any bacteria that may have found a new home on your face (ew).

Alright, alright, alright! Now that you’ve got all two of the ingredients in your handy dandy little mixing bowl, time to stir them up. The thickness of this mixture depends entirely on the type of honey you decided to use. The first time I made this mask, it was almost as thick as Elmer’s glue. This time, I used an all natural honey that I picked up from a gift store at a nearby pumpkin patch. For some reason, it was a little bit runnier than your typical store-bought honey.

Anyway, don’t be alarmed if yours isn’t quite the same consistency as the mixture to the left (how fun is that gif?!). Now that you’re done stirring, keep that spoon nearby and make sure you have a towel handy for when it’s time to take off your mask (or incase you get a little messy in the application process)

It should look kind of like this when you’re done, but again the consistency may be slightly different.

How you apply the mask depends on you, but I typically opt for the less messy option and use the back of the spoon to apply the mask. It’s just as easy to use your fingers, just make sure that you’re doing it over a sink so you can quick rinse off those sticky digits.

Sometimes it can get a bit drippy, so think about wearing a shirt you don’t care for, or lining your collar with paper towels….kinda like you’re 6 again and your mom is afraid you’ll get lasagna all over yourself at family dinner.
Welp, here I am looking like I fell face first into a pile of dog poop…

This is me. Looking ridiculous af…laughing at myself in the mirror…Also peep the cliche bathroom decor in the background (thanks mom and dad).
Like I said, be aware that this sticky concoction can get a little bit messy. I spilled down my sweatshirt. I didn’t drool, I promise I’m not a complete slob. Oh ,but also important to note that it tastes extremely good.

WARNING: do not do this mask if you are hungry. You will have none left on your face…or at least surrounding your mouth.


After you’ve got it all over your face, find something to occupy your time for 10-15 minutes. Like maybe pick up the book you’ve been trying to finish for 3 months, or down a glass of wine (or 4).

Take a wash cloth and run it under warm water for a hot second (lol puns). Then proceed to rinse your face off  like you would if you were washing your face with your daily cleanser.

This is my favorite part. Because the cinnamon is grainy, it exfoliates your skin as you rinse it off.


If your face looks a little bit red after you’re done, don’t freak out. It’s just from the exfoliation (unless you’re allergic to honey or cinnamon and you’re having a horrible reaction which I am 100p not liable for BY THE WAY).

Weeee, you’re done! And you’re face likely feels fantastic. It’s amazing what you can find in your cupboard, people. Always turn to your kitchen before spending a dime.


Did you try this mask?! Let me know whatcha think!



Who’s with their s/o right now? How great is this day? Did you get breakfast in bed? How cute is that bouquet of flowers gonna look in your room? How will you ever finished that box of heart shaped chocolates and still stay true to your spring break diet? How much Formosa are you going to devour? And OMG how much Netflix are you going to binge watch afterwards???



It’s Valentine’s day folks. The holiday that holds the record for most cliches. I’ve never been your biggest fan St. Valentine. Half because of my perpetual single-ness half because in high school I thought leading an anti-Valentines day revolt and wearing all black was bad ass (no one joined the movement by the way).  And how freaking annoying is social media on this day every year??? We get it you have a boyfriend. We get it he rocks. We get it if you’re single and that means you’re like required by some unwritten law to post a photo talking about how pizza is your Valentine. Still probably tossed it a like though.

So as I sit here doing non-Valentine’s Day things (by myself), I have taken it upon myself to hand select ten songs for you to listen to as you sulk about your lack of V-day plans (alone).

1.  Love on the Brain by Rihanna. Let’s just take a moment to TRY and get in the Valentine’s mind set.


2. The appropriately titled UGH! by my favorites. Listen to this when you “literally can’t even deal” with all of the red and hearts and pizza.

3. Nicest Thing by Kate Nash . You know hat person you’ve been silently stalking for the last several months? You’ve invested a lot of time into that and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he/she has yet to acknowledge your existence as a being.


4. Bridges by Broods. Watch the music video and recall the three thousand times you’ve fallen victim to the classic “Oh you thought we were more than friends…?” ordeal. *Cringe*

5. The Rose by Bette Midler. This song goes out to all those rose photos on Insta. Keep being you. Oh and also Ben Higgins. This song goes out to Ben Higgins too.

6. Never Be Like You by Flume. This song is you hoping that you will never turn into that person that you h8 when (if) you’re ever not single on V-day.

7. Touch by Shura. Oooooooh those lyrics. Also probably a lot of what you’re not getting.

8. Linger by the Cranberries. That guy/girl you liked last year is still not your Valentine.

9. Don’t Wanna be your Girl by Wet (who rocks, go check out their other music). No. I am still not interested.

10. And finally, My Heart Will Go On. You should have seen this one coming from me.


You’re welcome. Now go eat chocolate.

All hail Yeezus

Ok, so for those of you that don’t live under a rock, the Yeezy season 3 show happened. And the Kardashian Klan wore this.


And my face looked like this


And then I googled things to make my closet look like that. And then I looked at my wallet. It looked like this.


And now here I am. So clearly I can’t budget for anything Yeezy or Balmain BUT I did get to recreate last season’s line for CollegeFashionista so that was fun.



t’s no secret that anything with Kanye’s name on it costs an arm and a leg. The man could sell toilet paper with his initials on it for a grand. Totally fine for #TreatYoself moments, but for the practical shopper it’s no dice. Unfortunately for me, I have a bit of an obsession with the Yeezy spring ready-to-wear line. Oversized sweatshirts, baseball caps and neutrals? Check, check and check. Sign me up. It’s practically torture to check out the online shop and see that there literally is nothing that doesn’t cost less than two months’ rent. Sweet!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner but for this round of Style Guru Style, I took it into my own hands to recreate a much more affordable take on Mr. West’s wizardry. First, I set out for a nude colored top and bottom set. Living in northern Iowa makes for a pretty cold January, so I went with a turtleneck from Madewell for the top and some faux suede leggings on the bottom. Yeezy is all about oversized layering so I layered a military style canvas vest over a jacket from Billabong that I normally only bring out in the spring and fall.


Now for the details. First, let’s talk about the hat. I think everyone should own a few plain hats without logos on them. It’s great to rep your school or favorite sports team from time to time, but just because you’ve dubbed the day a hat day doesn’t mean you have to dress like a scrub from top to bottom. It’s easier to make a plain hat look chic. For my kicks, I went back and forth about dressing it up with some nude heels. I ended up taking the practical route and threw on some vintage Sorel boots. I practically dumpster dove for these. By that, I mean that I nabbed them from my mom’s I-wore-these-in-the-’80s throw away pile. Since then, she wants them back. I said no and am currently holding them for ransom.

Read the full article here!

Wilkinson – Afterglow

Ok, so I’ll admit the first time I watched this I thought it was some sort of advertisement. I stumbled onto Wilkinson after watching a few of Wet’s music videos (which if you don’t know who that is then do yourself a favor and check them out). I paid zero attention to the song in the background, but yes. It is, in fact, a music video. And it’s sick. Song isn’t bad either.